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WASU and COVID-19 with Station Manager Nate Saunders

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Yesterday, Billboard published an article on the state of college radio stations around the country. For many stations, this is an incredibly trying time. While most stations have had to make necessary changes, many have had to shut down completely due to a lack of personnel and/or funding.

It is a great statement about us as a radio station that we provide great contrast to this article. While most stations are struggling, we have managed to remain on air through the station's state of the art technology, the student station staff, and the commitment and support from the university, with only a few changes to what we broadcast.

When I was on a phone call being interviewed by Billboard, I was giving them answers that they did not seem to be expecting. We are still broadcasting 24/7, updating music, training next year's staff, posting news and sports updates on our website, updating social media, talking with clients, and producing new bits to play on air.

Yes, we have had to make some changes due to COVID-19. Since we cannot physically be in our studio.

WASU has worked to equip itself with the ability to keep the station moving remotely. Our professional approach and setup to being a radio station has allowed us to keep music, PSAs, and underwriting playing 24/7 even without the presence of live in studio DJs or staff in the studio.

We are excited for when we are finally able to be back on campus and resume the full capacity of the station, but for now we are pleased to be an example of how a college station can be run during an unusual time.

-Nate Saunders, Student Station Manager

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