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Thank you for your interest in our station! Keep scrolling for answers to our most frequently asked questions!


Q. Where are we located?

A. 90.5 WASU-FM is an alternative rock station located on the second floor of the George G. Beasley Media Complex on the campus of Appalachian State University, across the street from the University’s Student Recreation Center. Our physical address is 920 Rivers Street, Boone, NC 28608. 

Q. Do you take song requests?

A. Of course! Call 828-264-4905 to request your favorite song.

Q. How do I submit music for consideration? 

A. Email us a link to online files at or Physical submissions are NO LONGER ACCEPTED by WASU.

Q. I’m a student interested in getting involved with 90.5 WASU-FM. How do I do so?

A. We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining us! There is a training class offered each semester. Sign up for COM 2313 just like you would sign up for any other class. Upon completion of the class, students can then have their own radio show, a minimum of 2 hours a week! We also have opportunities for specialty shows, sports and news, and staff positions! 

Q. As a DJ, can I play any kind of music I want? Do I get to pick the songs?

A. 90.5 WASU-FM follows an Alternative format. During your regular shift, you will play songs selected by the music director and scheduled by the program director. Songs are selected based on the station's format.

However, after being on the air for a semester, you can apply for a specialty show, where you can pick the music for your show. You will submit a form to the program director if you wish to do a specialty show. We currently have Back to the 80s, Sports, Movies, Indie music specialty shows and more! Visit our specialty shows page to learn more!

Q. Are there opportunities to pursue radio broadcasting in addition to WASU?

A. Yes! Students can apply to the 10 day Kellar Radio Talent Institute over the summer, the only program of its kind in the world, designed to discover and prepare students for a broadcasting career. The Kellar Radio Talent Institute was the first institute in America and is the inaugural institute of the National Radio Talent System with radio institutes across the country. The institute sessions are all led by over 40 successful broadcasters, each in their own area of expertise. Visit the Kellar Radio Talent Institute’s website for more information. Many of our station’s members also attend a wide variety of radio broadcasting conferences during their time at 90.5 WASU-FM!

Q. I’m a community business member interested in underwriting and sales with 90.5 WASU-FM! Who do I need to contact? 

A. Thank you so much for your interest in our station! Please email our Sales Director, Kody Bair, at You can also call the station at 828-264-4905 and ask for the Sales Director. 

Q. Is 90.5 WASU-FM operated by students? And, what are all the staff positions?

A. Yes! We are staffed by twelve current students and four interns. Visit our staff page to meet our current staff members! In addition, we have approximately 60-80 students on air and involved with WASU each semester. 

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