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04/28/2023 PM News Break

By Jenna Guzman & Hunter Bostain

In local news, a historic photo was transformed into a mural. According to the Watauga Democrat, the photo-turned mural is of community members from Junaluska which is estimated to be dated to the 50s. According to the Watauga Democrat, the mural was installed on a building in Junaluska this month. Having this mural put up was a collaborative effort between the Junaluska Heritage Association, members of App State faculty and staff, along with Dr. Chip Thomas, a physician who has worked with the Navajo nation for over 30 years. Thomas, who is also a street artist, helped paint the mural onto the building, which is located at the intersection of Church and Tremont Street.

In state news, the North Carolina Supreme Court has modified several laws regarding voting. According to CBS17, the first change is that the state’s voter ID law has been reinstated, which was passed five years ago. The second change is in regard to voting rights. According to CBS17, the court has decided to end voting rights for felons who “are out of prison but still serving probation or parole.” Finally, the court overturned a gerrymandering decision in the state.

In international news, Ukraine was hit with “the deadliest strike” from Russia. According to the New York Times, a rocket hit an apartment this morning in the center of Ukraine. This attack killed over 20 people and injured dozens more, making it “The deadliest attack”. According to the New York Times, this attack is the first large attack against civilians in over a month.

Now onto sports.

As always starting with App State sports the App State softball team will be traveling to Harrisonburg Virginia to face off in a three-game set with JMU. Games start this afternoon at 4 followed by a game Saturday at 1 and one Sunday at 1 as well. App State Baseball is also in action vs JMU but at home instead for their three-game series. Games start this afternoon at 6 followed by a game Saturday at 3 and a game Sunday at 1.

In local professional sports, the Carolina Panthers selected Alabama quarterback Bryce Young With the first pick in the NFL draft. This marked the second time that the Panthers have had the first pick in the NFL draft, and the second time they have used it for the Quarterback position. Following the selection of Cam Newton back in 2011.

Also happening around North Carolina professional sports the Carolina Hurricanes continue their series against the New York Islanders tonight with game 6 of the 1st round. The puck drops at 7 PM. More action also happening in the NHL playoffs is the Bruins and Panthers at 7:30, the Stars and Wild at 9:30, and the Avalanche and Kraken at 10.

The NBA playoffs are also in action this afternoon with the Kings and Warriors facing off at 8, and the Grizzlies and Lakers at 10:30. That's it for me, as always I hope everyone has a great rest of their Friday, then a wonderful weekend.

From, today is a cloudy and warm day with a high of 66 degrees and a low 49. There will also be some thunderstorms later today.

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