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NC State Moves Undergraduate Courses Online

With COVID-19 cases increasing, Chancellor Randy Woodson announces undergrad courses at NC State will be completely online. NC State is the second UNC school to move classes entirely virtual. 

This is specific to only undergrad courses at the university as they see an increase in cases just after class began this past Monday, August 17. 

The positive cases of COVID trace back to parties and functions off-campus at the Greek Village and apartments. Three COVID clusters are caused by these gatherings.

Fortunately, on-campus research laboratories for graduate students as well as graduate courses will remain hybrid or in-person. 

Students living on-campus in residence halls are welcome to stay and utilize on-campus resources such as the libraries and dining halls.

Digital Desk, CBS 17. (2020, August 20). NC State moves undergraduate classes online as COVID-19 cases increase on campus. CBS 17.

Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases Within UNC System:

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