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Afternoon News Update, 3/29/21

By Zachary Masters

On Campus, The Reich College of Education received a first-place ranking in the nation to produce National Board Certified teachers for the fifth year in a row. Melba Spooner, the Dean of The College of Education at Appalachian State University stated that “The recognition is important because it affirms all the work and dedication and contributions of faculty, staff, alumni, and students.” Despite the challenges that have manifested because of the Covid pandemic, The Appalachian reports that 121 alumni earned their certification this year alone. Spooner believes this is due to the alumni’s commitment to teaching excellence with resilience and distinction.

In local news, the Historic Preservation Commission has made a recommendation to the Boone Town Council to designate a portion of the downtown area to become a historic district. The Appalachian reports that this is done to protect properties from any substantial change and as a result add obstacles to demolition and increase tourism for the Boone area. The proposed area includes 120 properties that meet the 50-year age requirement and provide either significant architectural value or a greater connection to historical events or individuals. While the proposal would protect these historic buildings from demolition, it does not prevent updating the buildings with modern changes. These changes can include things such as solar retrofits, new heating and cooling appliances and changes to conform to building regulations.

Nationally, NPR reports that four people were killed and 130 have been rescued after significant flooding caused near-record levels of rainfall in the Nashville, Tennessee area. As of Sunday morning, the Nashville Office of Emergency Management stated that rescues are still ongoing and are continuing to urge people in the area to, "stay aware, stay alert and stay alive.” The Office of Emergency Management is currently working with the American Red Cross to give support to those who have lost their homes because of the torrential downpour. John Cooper stated that the damages to the area could have been much more severe had the city not learned its lesson from the devastating May 2010 flood that killed 29 people and displaced thousands of others.

This afternoon’s weather comes from Prepare for a somewhat windy afternoon, with winds reaching anywhere from 10-20 MPH and clear skies. The temperatures for today will range from a high of 56 degrees and dip down to a low 34 degrees in the evening.

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