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Lululemon Under Fire After 'Resist Capitalism' Event

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Eris Lowdermilk

The activewear brand Lululemon has received backlash for their recent ‘Resist Capitalism’ event. The affair took place online via Instagram, where the main focus was on a workshop about decoding gender. Brand Ambassador Rebby Kern shared a post promoting the event from their personal Instagram page.  

The event was planned to take place on Sept 17 at 5:30 EST. It was labeled as "a workshop to unveil historical erasure & resist capitalism." When the event was posted on the Lululemon Instagram page, the feedback included criticism. 

Many found an issue with the term ‘resist capitalism’ from a company that has acquired over a billion dollars. People reacted with attention to their prices, where leggings range from $90-140. 

Since then, Lululemon has taken down the post. 

Keith, Elizabeth. (2020 September 12). Lululemon is getting called out ‘Resist Capitalism’ Workshop on Instagram. Narcity.

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