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Attorney General of South Dakota Involved in Accident

By: Eris Lowdermilk

The Attorney General of South Dakota Jason Ravnsburg reported Saturday, Sept 12 reported to the local Sheriff’s office that he hit a deer. Unfortunately, the next morning when he checked lied the dead body of a man on Highway 14. 

The victim, recognized as Joeseph Boever was a 55-year-old from Highmore, South Dakota. His cousins Nick & Victor Nemec recalled to the Rapid City Journal that Boever had left his vehicle on the side of the highway Saturday the 12 after hitting a bale of hay on the side of the road. As he was returning to his Ford pickup truck is when he was hit by Ravnsburg. 

Ravnsburg has since stated that he had stopped his called the sheriff’s office, and checked his car for damage. His license plate had been damaged and shrapnel from his car was scattered across the road. He did not see anything else; this report was late Monday night on Sept 14. 

The investigation is still in the works and Ravnsburg says he will not answer questions until it is completed. 

Shepherd, Katie. (2020, September 15). South Dakota’s attorney general said he thought he hit a deer. The next day, he found a dead man’s body in a ditch. The Washington Post.

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