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APP1800 With Dr.Jamie Parson

By: Eris Lowdermilk

Dr. Jamie Parson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance, Banking, and Insurance at Appalachian State University. She teaches undergraduate courses in business law and personal insurance. In addition, she leads the Walker College of Business’ Inclusive Excellence (formerly Diversity Advisory) Team, the Risk Management & Insurance diversity initiatives, and serves on numerous boards and committees.

Prior to arriving at Appalachian, she served as a Title VII Investigator for the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission and a Special Investigative Unit Liaison and Fire Claims Representative at State Farm Insurance Company.

She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology-Anthropology from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her research interests primarily concentrate in the area of insurance regulation including extensive involvement with the passing of the North Carolina Foster Care Family Act (July 2015).

We discussed her role as a member of the Inclusive Excellence Team, and how diversity and inclusivity operate on a college campus.

Dr. Parson's email is here.

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