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AM News Break 9/23/21

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

By: Zachary Masters

In local news, the Watauga Democrat reports that an application and site plan have been submitted to the town of Boone for the construction of a new Starbucks. The new location is stated to be at 116 West King Street, which is found near the Kicks on King shoe store as well as the Earth Fare. The second standalone Starbucks is proposed to be 2,200 square feet and contain a parking lot and drive through, making the total property take up 3,600 square feet. A date for the opening or the beginning of construction has not yet been determined.

In national news, the FDA approved the targeted use of booster shoots on people who are more susceptible to Covid-19. The targeted populations are those who are over 65-years old, young adults with underlying health conditions or people who are at a higher risk of being exposed to Covid. The Associated Press reports that the Pfizer boosters will still have to go through more regulations and eventually receive the final approval from the Centers for Disease Control before Boosters can be dispensed.

In world news, the new Taliban regime that has taken control of Afghanistan has made it known that they are looking to address the United Nations. However, NPR reports that because the Taliban has not recognized an official ambassador, the UN Credentials Committee is not likely to allow the organization to speak on Monday, the last day of the current UN session. Instead, the likely time when the Taliban will make its first official statement to the UN, in its current form, is next year.

Today’s weather is brought to you by Today, be sure to finally enjoy some of the Boone sunshine, as rain is finally moving out of the high country. Expect a high of 61 degrees with a low of 41 degrees and winds reaching anywhere from 5-15 miles per hour.

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