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11/09/2022 PM News Break

By Pruett Norris

In local news, the Appalachian reported on the results of the Watauga County election. In the sheriff’s seat, congratulations to the projected winner, the incumbent Len Hagaman Jr.. Hagaman, a Democratic candidate and Watauga local, will be serving his fifth term in the sheriff’s position. In the Board of Education, congratulations to projected winners Gary Childers, Jay Fenwick, and Marshall Ashcraft. All three have previously served on the Board and will certainly continue to do a great job working to serve education in Watauga County. Thank you for voting, Watauga County listeners!

In statewide results, the Associated Press has called the North Carolina race for a hotly contested Senate seat. Republican Ted Budd defeated Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley with 50.7% of the vote to Beasley’s 47.1%. With 98% of the state reporting results, Budd had secured over 100,000 more votes than Beasley. In the House, meanwhile, Democratic candidate Wiley Nickel prevailed over Republican Bo Hines, securing 51.3% of the vote.

Nationally, the race is still on, but the Associated Press has called 30 of the 35 seats in contention. At the time of this recording, neither of the major parties have secured the Senate majority, with Democrats at 46 seats and Republicans at 47, and it’s looking like it’ll be a tight race all the way to the finish line. Thank you for tuning into WASU for your election news, and thanks again to the Appalachian for their excellent reporting.

Finally, the weather as ever from Boone Weather DOT COM. After an unseasonably warm start to the week, we’re looking at a sharp downturn to colder temps this weekend, beginning today, with a high of 55 degrees and a low of 38!

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