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10/25/2022 PM News Break

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

By Jenna Guzman

In local news, a man has died at the Grandfather Mountain overlook. According to the Watauga Democrat, a body was found at the base of a cliff. The person was identified as 53-year-old Todd A. Buckman, and it appears he accidentally fell off the overlook. An autopsy has been ordered, and although authorities note that it may have been nothing more than just an accident, there is still an ongoing investigation.

In state news, North Carolina felons are voting in this year’s midterm election. According to WBTV, thousands of felons will be voting in this election, with this being the first time voting for the majority of them. However any and all voters must still be 18 or older and must have lived in North Carolina for at least 30 days before the election.

In national news, actor and internet personality Leslie Jordan has died. According to the New York Times, he died at age 67 in a car crash in Hollywood on Monday. Leslie Jordan was best known for his roles in “Will and Grace,” “American Horror Story,” and more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he went viral on Instagram and used it as a platform to document his life during the pandemic. Leslie Jordan often talked about his experiences being a gay actor as well.

Today’s weather is courtesy of Today is a partly cloudy day with a high of 65 degrees and a low of 46.

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