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03/21/2023 PM News Break

By Jenna Guzman

In local news, a local hotel will be serving as student housing for the 2023-23 academic year. According to The Appalachian, Chancellor Sheri Everts announced in her weekly newsletter that the Sleep Inn Boone University Area hotel will house transfer students. The Sleep Inn, located on the NC-105 extension, will have enough space to accommodate 140 students, and will offer 58 double-occupancy rooms and 24 single-occupancy rooms.

In state news, on Friday, Gov. Roy Cooper announced he passed two new laws. According to CBS17, the first bill, which he once vetoed, is House Bill 40, also known as the “Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder Act.” The purpose of this act is to “INCREASE THE PENALTIES FOR RIOTING OR INCITING RIOTING THAT CAUSES DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, OR DEATH AND ASSAULTING EMERGENCY PERSONNEL DURING A RIOT OR STATE OF EMERGENCY.” The second law passed is Senate Bill 53, also known as the “Hotel Safety Issues'' bill. The purpose of this bill is to clarify that “occupants of accommodations provided by hotels, motels or similar lodgings” are governed by the statutes related to inns, hotels and other transient occupancies.”

In national news, schools in Los Angeles, California have shut down due to teacher’s strikes. According to the Associated Press, thousands of workers walked out of their jobs Tuesday, March 21 for reasons such as stalled contract talks. This walk out initiates a three-day strike amongst the workers in the LA School District.

Today’s weather is courtesy of Today is a sunny day with some clouds with a high of 53 degrees and a low of 35.

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