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02/08/2023 PM News Break

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

By Pruett Norris

In local news, according to the Watauga Democrat, the Watauga Education Foundation has awarded 35 different educators across the county a grand total of $27,000 with the goal to promote innovative learning in the classroom. One of the awardees included Candice Trexler for the Watauga County Battle of the Books, with funding covering the purchase of titles from the Elementary, Middle, and High School North Carolina Battle of the Books lists. The availability of these books will impact 275 different students across 8 different grade levels. As a Battle of the Books alumnus myself, I’m excited to see how Watauga’s chapters will do! Congratulations to all the educators who were awarded.

Statewide, according to ABC 17 News, the remains of a missing person since December of 2022 were discovered in a concrete-filled barrel in Sanford, North Carolina. The individual has been identified by law enforcement officials, and an arrest has been made, however, the sheriff’s office has noted that the investigation remains ongoing and that additional charges are to be expected. In a press release by the police station, Lee County Sheriff Brian Estes offered his condolences to the family of the victim, as do we here at WASU.

In national tidings, NPR reports that a New York City pigeon named Flamingo has died after a rescuer discovered the dyed-pink bird in Madison Square Park. Flamingo was a king pigeon, a bird that is naturally all-white, and the Wild Bird Fund, a bird sanctuary group which facilitated his recuperation until he passed away, claimed that while occasionally the organization will receive animals with small amounts of paint or dye, Flamingo’s situation was the most drastic they’d seen. In a press release, Catherine Quayle, social media director for the Wild Bird Fund, mentioned that there had a flood of support for Flamingo before his death, and that she hoped people would think more about animal cruelty as a result of his case. Let’s hope our duck pond birds remain brown, green, and white here at App!

Finally, the weather as ever from Boone Weather DOT COM. We have a high of 59 degrees today and a low of 45.

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