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Where to Keep Updated on COVID-19 cases at App State and UNC Schools

The UNC system has taken on the challenge to follow through with the school year despite the obvious pandemic. After only merely two weeks of classes, UNC-Chapel Hill has gone 100% online, similar to when universities closed in March when the pandemic began to rise in the United States. 

Navigating the college experience in a pandemic is not ideal, yet cases are expected to rise within the upcoming weeks. 

As of August 20, 2020, Appalachian State has cumulative confirmed cases of 22 employees, 114 students, and 41 subcontractors. 

The numbers are nonetheless anticipated to increase, and though the university is taking the measures they can, the results of new students coming to the small city of Boone, North Carolina,

will be revealed in the near future. 

Source for updated COVID-19 cases at Appalachian State:

Source for UNC school system COVID-19 cases:

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