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Updates on Myanmar

By: Eris Lowdermilk

The recent updates on Myanmar are not reassuring. Former democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi appeared in court via video call while anti-coup protestors gathered across the country.

She was charged three times: bringing six walkie-talkie radios, violating a natural disaster law by having a campaign rally during the coronavirus pandemic, and prohibiting printing of information that may “cause fear or alarm” or disrupt “public tranquillity”. The last charge was specifically during the colonial era of formerly known as Burma, now Myanmar.

Since the military coup claimed one year as the governing power of the country, these protests against the coup end in violence. The day before the trial at the protests, at least 18 people were killed.

Updates are to come.

(March 1, 2021). Suu Kyi hit with new charges as Myanmar protesters rally again. Al Jazeera.

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