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Updates on Chauvin Trial

Eris Lowdermilk

The first day of the Derek Chauvin trial was yesterday, and as the trial continues, here are some updates.

The third witness Donald Wynn Williams II tells the court that ex-officer Chauvin had George Floyd in a “blood choke”. Willams is an MMA fighter and says, as he witnessed Floyd gasping for air and his nose was bleeding while Chauvin was adjusting his position on his neck.

Chauvin, 45 is pleading not guilty to second-degree unintentional murder and the witnesses should last for four more weeks, following deliberations.

The other witnesses for the first day of the trial was a 911 dispatcher of Mississippi, who says “something wasn’t right”, as she watched the video of his arrest.

Cooper, Aaron & Levenson, Eric. (2021, March 30). Derek Chauvin trial to continue with MMA fighter who watched George Floyd's death. CNN.

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