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Town of Boone requires face coverings indoors beginning June 20

Sophia Lyons, News Director


Starting Saturday, June 20, people going inside public establishments in Boone are required to wear face coverings, with some exceptions.

According to the mandate, people must wear face coverings in establishments open to the general public. Exceptions include those with health conditions related to wearing a mask, those with behavioral or religious concerns, children younger than 10 years old, and when eating and drinking at a restaurant.

The mandate goes into effect at 9 a.m. Saturday, but won’t be enforced with penalties for three weeks. Violating the restriction would be punishable by an infraction, but officers would be told to educate on first offense and issue a warning on second offense.

Boone Town Council amended the town’s May 2 state of emergency declaration to include the mask mandate by a 3-2 vote June 16, after Councilperson Sam Furgiuele asked members to reconsider after a May 26 motion to require face coverings in public failed by a 2-3 vote. Council members Loretta Clawson and Connie Ulmer voted in favor with Furgiuele.

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