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The Carousel in Houston: Is Watson Out? By: Cooper Govoreau

As we all may know by now, unless you live under a rock, Deshaun Watson trade rumors have been flying around since the NFL season ended. I only see it fit that myself, a Texans Superfan, address some of these rumors and put some to bed.

Back Home to Carolina?

I have been seeing a lot of eager Carolina Panthers fans making claims Watson ends up in Charlotte. Let me tell you why that's not happening. For starters, Houston would logically, like anyone else, want to immediately replace such a generational talent like Deshaun Watson. Delusional Carolina fans believe that star running back Christian Mccaffery, and Teddy Bridgewater coupled with the 9th pick and a few other picks would suffice Houston’s demands. The only issue with that is there are two teams who have what Houston actually wants. That is high draft picks and players to come with.

New Era in New York?

The New York Jets, a team on Deshaun Watson’s list of teams happen to own the 2nd pick in this year's draft. As well as future picks and players like Mekhi Beckton, a star tackle who didn’t allow a sack his entire rookie season last year. As stated earlier, Houston wants to replace Watson immediately, and the number 2 pick solidifies securing the second best quarterback in the draft, Justin Fields. In every scenario possible, Fields will not be available at the 9 spot this year, which completely eliminates Carolina from contention.

Miami on his Mind?

The Miami Dolphins could also be a sneaky destination for Watson as well, as they hold the 3rd pick in the draft. Houston would get Tua Tagovailoa from the deal and a few other picks. As things are getting hairier in Houston, expect a trade before the draft in April. Watson has made it clear he wants out, and with him gone Houston would enter full rebuild mode.

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