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Texas Reverses Rule for Social Workers to Not Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ or Disabled Clients

By: Eris Lowdermilk

On Tuesday, Oct 26 the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council voted unanimously to review anti-discrimination protections for clients of social workers based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities.

This controversial rule was reversed, where before the rule would allow social workers to turn away LGBTQ+ clients or people with disabilities.

This was a response to on Oct 12, Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners had a vote to change a particular code of conduct dealing with the refusal of service. The board members voted without regard of social workers, which caused outrage. 

There were petitions signed and public uproar, which caused the rule to be overturned. 

ASSUNÇÃO, Muri. (2020, October 28). Texas reverses rule that allowed social workers to turn away LGBTQ clients, people with disabilities. New York Daily News.

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