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PM News Break 9/30/21

By: Tommy Savoia

In campus news, it looks like App State students will soon be receiving a resolution to the issue of unreliable internet access. According to The Appalachian, the Watauga County Board of Commissioners have a one hundred percent vote to [quote] “approve a seven-million dollar broadband expansion plan” which will result in most of the county having up-to-date, faster internet. Watauga County Commissioner Charlie Wallini is on record stating that this decision came to be almost entirely because of the conditions of the pandemic and the work and school environment it created. The plan is to start approximately within the next six months over the course of three years.

In local news, The Appalachian also reports that “4,725 gallons of raw wastewater” were “spilled” into Laurel Fork Creek by The Cottages of Boone on September 13. Watauga Riverkeeper Andy Hill is confident that the circumstances behind the spill are due to the carelessness of The Cottages of Boone, as he claims that they have had similar incidents in the past that could imply that it is not in fact an accident. The chemicals released into the Creek are harmful substances that have caused discoloration in the water, which will potentially never be completely clean again. As of now, The Appalachian was unable to receive comments from The Cottages of Boone regarding the situation.

In national news, the rising costs spanning the nation have extended to Dollar Tree, which normally prides itself on its pricing moniker. According to The Wall Street Journal, Dollar Tree is set to begin pricing products at “a dollar twenty-five, a dollar-fifty, and other prices slightly above one dollar” in select locations. A representative of Dollar Tree has stated that every store with a Dollar Tree Plus segment will receive these higher priced products along with over one-hundred “legacy stores” as well. This is an experimental endeavor that will prove to the budget retailer whether or not higher costs are the best way to respond to the widespread economical inflation. Dollar Tree is confident that this will be beneficial to the company’s long-term financial standing.

Today’s weather forecast is thanks to, which reassures us of a clear, sunny Thursday afternoon. You can expect a high of 76 and a low of 50 degrees, with a light wind coming in occasionally. Other than that - mild weather all around, perfect for hiking or hanging out in the mountain air. For 90.5 WASU I’m Tommy Savoia.

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