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PM News Break 9/22/21

By: Stephen Leverton

In local news, The Appalachian reports that the active COVID case count for students is 28 students as of September 20th. This number is significantly lower than it was the week of September 4th, where active cases reached 112 for students. 2,710 COVID tests were also conducted on September 20th. The student vaccination rate is currently at 57%, with faculty and staff having a vaccination rate of 93%. As the number of students getting vaccinated has increased in the last few weeks, the number of covid cases has gone down.

In state news, WRAL reports that driverless delivery vehicles may become the new norm in North Carolina. A bill setting regulations on these delivery vehicles passed the North Carolina State House and is expected to be voted on in the State Senate later this week. The bill sets guidelines stating that the self-driving vehicles can’t go faster than the speed limit, or 45 miles per hour and have to pull over if more than 5 cars are behind it. If passed, North Carolina will become one of the first states to allow self-driving delivery vehicles.

In national news, US News reports that President Joe Biden spoke at the U.N.’s General Assembly meeting to discuss US’s foreign policy going forward. He discussed how he wants America to cooperate with the world into the future and to avoid another Cold War with China, though he didn’t state China by name. By talking to the U.N. about the U.S.’s involvement in world affairs, Biden believes that America is back regarding helping countries in need.

And now to the sports team with their sports announcement.

Your Boone weather comes from Wednesday’s weather is cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High today is 68 and the low is 46. From 90.5 WASU FM, this is Stephen.

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