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PM News Break 11/9/21

By: Clyde Cohen

In state news, The News & Observer reports that the Outer Banks and other coastal locations in North Carolina have been experiencing flooding as of late. While a storm had been forecast to hit the area, the surge combined with unusually high tides- creating a more dangerous outcome than what had been predicted.

Nationally, The Wall Street Journal reports that the Ivy League universities, Brown, Columbia, and Cornell, received bomb threats on Sunday, November 7th. Facilities were evacuated amidst the situation, however, after law enforcement made investigations, no credible evidence of the threats was found.

In world news, The New York Times reports that doctors are fighting for Romanian citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The country’s death rate from the Coronavirus is almost seven times as high as the United State’s- as religious figures in Romania with leadership roles have been claiming the virus is nonexistent and to avoid getting the vaccine. A criminal investigation is underway for the spread of this misinformation.

Today’s weather update is brought to you by Expect a high of 69 and a low of 43, with mostly sunny weather and light wind.

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