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PM News Break 11/4/21

By: Tommy Savoia

Around the campus, Appalachian State’s website reports that the newest add-on to Kidd Brewer Stadium is officially named Hatley Pavilion in recognition of Robert “Bob” Hatley. Hatley is a 1972 Graduate of Appalachian State University and an avid supporter of the college, as he and his wife Carol Jane Hatley recently donated five-hundred thousand dollars to the App State Athletics department through the A Mountaineer Impact campaign - which exists to financially support student athletes. The campaign was fortunately able to attain its sixty-million dollar target in August 2021. The Hatley Pavilion can be found on the west section of the turf, right under the northern end zone.

Locally, The Watauga Democrat reports that there has been an application for the construction of a building housing two separate restaurants in the area. It will feature a drive through and a pre-existing Boone restaurant. One of the businesses is confirmed to be a Pizza Hut, which would be the first time a Pizza Hut has arrived in Boone since the old one was closed back in October of 2017. The four-thousand, two hundred square foot building is planned to be located on Blowing Rock Road and near The Standard.

In national news, The Wall Street Journal mentions that the United States Trade Deficit increased in September of this year to $80.9 million. This is due to the fact that there has been a material shortage and increased demand for electronic products such as production equipment and consumer technology. It is certainly not helped by the pressure gripping supply chains around the world, which created a shortage in raw materials that ship to the United States. This increase is a whole 11.2% in growth. In response, consumer prices have grown by 1.4% in the last year.

Today’s weather is brought to us by This Thursday surprises us with some November snow flurries in the morning, but it is waning as the afternoon goes on. Expect some clouds and wind during the day, and temperatures ranging from 47 degrees at the highest all the way to 27 degrees at the lowest. Make sure to bundle up if you plan on going anywhere this evening. For 90.5 WASU, I’m Tommy Savoia

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