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NFL Power Rankings - Week 10

1. Arizona Cardinals (8-1)

Last Week: 6

No Kyler, no problem. Without the MVP candidate-as well as DeAndre Hopkins-Colt McCoy was able to lead the Cardinals to a divisional win in San Francisco with 249 yards and a touchdown on 22/26 passing. Chandler Jones also passed Freddie Joe Nunn to become the franchise leader in sacks for the Cardinals with 67.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2) Last Week: 5

The Buccaneers move up 3 spots in a bye week because nobody ahead of them was able to secure a win. Tom Brady so far looks like the front runner for MVP as he leads the league in passing touchdowns with 25 and is second in the league in passing yards; only 121 yards behind Matthew Stafford who hasn’t had his bye yet.

3. Los Angeles Rams (7-2) Last Week: 1

The Rams took a big loss to the Titans at home thanks to Matthew Stafford's worst game of the season. But let’s be real, Matthew Stafford won’t throw two interceptions in 20 seconds again. Cooper Kupp is the only player since Jerry Rice to have 1,000-plus receiving yards and 10-plus touchdowns through his first nine games. On top of that, the Rams just went after Odell Beckham Jr. for their superbowl push.

4. Green Bay Packers (7-2) Last Week: 2

We got our first look at Jordan Love on Sunday in Kansas City and it was underwhelming. Green Bay has a lot to work on in their young QB who they moved up to get in the 2020 draft. That being said, as far as this year goes, the Packers don’t lose that game if Aaron Rodgers is in the huddle.

5. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Last Week: 7

The Ravens offense wouldn’t go away on Sunday against the Vikings. Lamar Jackson had 266 yards through the air and 120 more on the ground. Their defense has to pick it up though because Baltimore can’t keep expecting Lamar to go crazy every game.

6. Dallas Cowboys (6-2) Last Week: 4

Every team needs a midseason wakeup call. This was it for Dallas. Dak Prescott played his worst game of the season off his injury, Zeke went out early, and the Broncos went up 30-0 in the fourth quarter. Denver had possession for 41 minutes and 12 seconds of the game, compared to the 18:48 for the cowboys.

7. Tennessee Titans (7-2)

Last Week: 19

I moved the Titans way down after the loss of Derrick Henry but that may have been premature. Tennessee got a huge 28-16 road win over a contender Rams team on Sunday Night Football. Their offensive questions without Henry aren’t totally put to bed yet though, as one of their touchdowns came from a pick six and another one came from starting inside the Rams 10 due to an interception before it.

8. Buffalo Bills (5-3)

Last Week: 3

In a week full of upsets, this one was the worst. Josh Allen was intercepted by Josh Allen, sacked by Josh Allen, and his fumble was recovered by Josh Allen. Yes, the Jaguars have a player named Josh Allen that gave the Bills' Josh Allen nightmares. The Bills didn’t score a single touchdown. They reached the redzone in their opening possession and didn’t get there again.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3)

Last Week: 9

The Chargers finally got the Justin Herbert performance they were looking for. Herbert threw 32 completions on 38 passes for 356 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the 27-24 win in Philadelphia.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) Last Week: 10

Pittsburgh got lucky-and some help from the refs-in what was nearly a fourth quarter collapse against the Bears at home. But in the end things worked out for the Steelers when Chris Boswell made a go-ahead 40 yard field goal with 30 seconds to go.

11. Cleveland Browns (5-4)

Last Week: 14

It doesn't look like Cleveland is going to miss OBJ too much after this week. The Browns hung 41 points on the Bengals in Cincinnati as Baker Mayfield threw for 218 yards and 2 touchdowns. It also helped to have Nick Chubb back, who ran for 137 yards and a pair of touchdowns himself.

12. New Orleans Saints (5-3) Last Week: 8

Trevor Siemian isn’t going to work in New Orleans and they already missed their opportunity to get him some help before the trade deadline. The Saints lost at home to the Falcons and now it will be interesting to see if they roll with Siemian or Taysom Hill going forward.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) Last Week: 13

It took playing at home against a struggling young QB in his first start, but the Chiefs are finally back to being above .500. This was the Chiefs first game in eight weeks that they didn’t commit a turnover, but they still only put up 13 points.

14. Minnesota Vikings (3-5) Last Week: 12

The Vikings could be looking at a different record in so many different ways right now as 5 of their 8 games have come down to the final possession. But unfortunately for Minnesota, they sit at a 3-5 record. Good teams find ways to win games, especially the close ones, and the Vikings haven’t been able to do so.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) Last Week: 11

The Bengals are ice cold. After losing to the Jets last week, CIncinnati takes a blowout loss to a division opponent at home. We see a lot of times when a phony good team begins to fade around the middle of the season. It’s very possible that the Bengals just aren’t ready to contend in the playoffs yet.

16. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)

Last Week: 17

This game was an offensive masterpiece for Indy at home. Carson Wentz threw for 272 yards and three touchdowns and Jonathan Taylor had a massive game on the ground with 172 rushing yards and two trips to the endzone.

17. New England Patriots (5-4) Last Week: 20

The Patriots keep the ball rolling and extend their win streak to three. The New England defense shut down the Panthers and Mac Jones once again just did what he needed to do to win. The highlight one offense for the Pats was their rushing game. Harris ran for 30 yards, Bolden ran for 54, and Stevenson ran for 62.

18. Seattle Seahawks (3-5) Last Week: 22

Seattle will be coming off a bye week heading to Green Bay, but move up four spots due to the return of Russell Wilson.

19. Carolina Panthers (4-5)

Last Week: 21

Stephon Gilmore was able to get an interception against his former team, giving him a pick in both of his first two games with the Panthers. But he could have had three interceptions on Sunday and it wouldn’t have mattered. The Panthers have one touchdown in their last 12 quarters of play. But maybe it’s time to turn that around as Carolina prepares for the return of Cam Newton. This is huge for the team and the city. Right now the objective for Cam is an easy one: Be better than Sam Darnold. Darnold has 2 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in his last 5 games. If Cam can make the offense look good, the Panthers go back to being a scary team who still has the second ranked defense in the NFL.

20. San Francisco 49ers (3-5) Last Week: 16

This season is getting closer and closer to being a wash for the Niners. San Francisco gave up 31 points to Colt McCoy and a Cardinals offense that was hit hard with injuries. Jimmy G wasn’t bad but he wasn’t great either. Week by week the 49ers front office has to begin to wonder if Garoppolo can lead this team to wins.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) Last Week: 18

The Eagles played a pretty good game all things considered, but they just don’t have a winning formula. They’re running it more now but without Miles Sanders they’re run game is mediocre and DeVonta Smith is the only reliable pass catcher that Jalen Hurts has.

22. Denver Broncos (5-4)

Last Week: 24

The Broncos needed a big win to prove to people that they’re not just a bad team that beats worse teams. This may have been it. Denver was up 30-0 at one point in the fourth quarter in Dallas behind Javonte Williams’ 111 yards on the ground and another 249 yards through the air from Teddy Bridgewater.

23. Las Vegas Raiders (5-3) Last Week: 15

The players and staff that the Raiders lost throughout the season might finally be catching up to them. Derek Carr played his worst game of the season with one touchdown and two interceptions. Daren Waller and Hunter Renfrow are both stepping up for the LV offense but it just hasn’t been enough.

24. Chicago Bears (3-5) Last Week: 23

The Bears were set up with a chance to get a huge road win in Pittsburgh after a fourth quarter comeback if it weren’t for a controversial unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Nonetheless, Justin Fields continues to show big moments which should give Chicago hope for the future.

25. New York Giants (3-6) Last Week: 25

New York was able to capture a big home win against the Raiders thanks to a decent showing from the offense and a great showing from the defense. This is the Giants 3rd straight game allowing 20 points or less.

26. Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

Last Week: 26

The Falcons got a big road win thanks to many of the same guys. Matt Ryan had 343 passing yards and a pair of touchdowns and Cordarrelle Patterson continues to be more effective as a receiver than a running back. Patterson finished with 6 catches for 126 yards. Younghoe Koo now has 3 game winning field goals this season.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)

Last Week: 29

If I said the Jags beating the Bills means they can hang with any team in the league, I’d be lying through my teeth. But it should be enough to give Jacksonville something to look forward to in the future. The young defense shut down Josh Allen and the Bills. A couple more games like these and Urban Meyer might be able to continue his rebuild.

28. Miami Dolphins (2-7) Last Week: 30

An eight point home win against the 1-7 at the time Texans isn’t what I would call super impressive, but it’s a win and a win is what Miami needed. Jacoby Brissett had 3 turnovers but a mix of the Dolphins defense and the Texans terrible offense was able to excuse the turnovers and lead the Fins to a win.

29. Washington Football Team (2-6) Last Week: 28

The Football Team will be coming off a bye week and trying to snap their 4 game skid against Tampa Bay. I’m sure we can all predict how that’s gonna go.

30. New York Jets (2-6) Last Week: 27

The Jets offense actually looked pretty good. Mike White went out but Josh Johonson came in and threw for 317 yards and 3 touchdowns. New York finished with 30 points, but that doesn’t mean anything if you let the opponent score 45.

31. Detroit Lions (0-8) Last Week: 31

The Lions had their most successful week yet with a bye week.

32. Houston Texans (1-8) Last Week: 32

Last week I was saying to look forward to Tyrod Taylor returning and this week I take it back. Taylor had 3 interceptions and a rating of 42.8. Sorry Houston, at least you have Jalen Green

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