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News Break 8/26/21

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

By: Zachary Masters

On campus, The Appalachian reports that a student-run climate activist group will be taking to Sanford Mall to recruit new members in a Greek Life inspired “Rush Week”. ClimACT is an Appalachian based organization that aims to encourage communities in the region, as well as across the state, to adopt more climate conscious policies. The “Rush to Earth” event is expected to continue to August 27th and will include events such as a plant day, street art and banner making. Visit ClimACT’s instagram page for more information.

In local news, The Watauga Democrat reports that the Watauga Medical Center donated around 8,000 syringes of Covid-19 vaccinations in an attempt to give additional medical resources to the Guatemalan medical workers. This was done after a donated American Airlines flight carrying precious medical supplies was reported to have been lacking the Moderna Vaccines within its inventory. Guatemala is currently under a strict mask mandate, with the president declaring a *Quote* “State of Calamity” *End Quote* and curfews being placed across the country.

Nationally, The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of people dependent on unemployment benefits have dipped to levels not seen since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is estimated that around 353,000 now are receiving unemployment benefits as of this week, a slightly higher figure than last week. However, this rounds out the monthly average to 366,500, which brings the US unemployment figures to a new low since the pandemic began despite the emergence and uncertainty surrounding the new delta variant.

This afternoon’s weather comes from Today, watch out for scattered thunderstorms into the late evening. Expect a high of 81 degrees, as well as a low of 62 degrees and winds ranging from 5 to 10 miles per hour.


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