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Kentucky Reaches Settlement in Response to Breonna Taylor's Death

By: Eris Lowdermilk

A record $12 million settlement was issued by the State of Kentucky in response to the shooting and killing of Breonna Taylor. She was an EMT who was shot numerous times in her home by police. Taylor, 26 was sleeping when the police entered her home under a “no-knock warrant”. Taylor was shot at least eight times five months ago in March.

The settlement goes to the family of Breonna Taylor as well as the mayor of Louisville has created a new police reform. Greg Fischer created the bill in hopes to build a stronger connection between police and the communities throughout Kentucky. 

The reform includes officers being encouraged to participate in two hours of community service every two-week pay period in the communities they operate in. Social workers will also be implemented into the police department with the help of a program where they can be of assistance. 

Most importantly, the reform will illustrate a space for transparency and accountability from the department and its officers. For example, it will be a requirement for another officer to be assigned a commanding officer to review and approve every search warrant. 

Benjamin Crump, Civil rights attorney and representing the Taylor family says the settlement is the : "largest amount ever paid out for a Black woman ... killed by police in America and may be the largest amount ever paid for a Black person."

Hutchinson, Bill, Ghebremedhin, Sabina, and Wash, Stephanie. (2020, September 15). $12 million settlement reached in fatal Kentucky police shooting of Breonna Taylor. ABC News.

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