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Is Wearing Two Face Masks Necessary?

By: Eris Lowdermilk

As the new COVID-19 variant from the UK emerges into North Carolina, there seem to be more measures people are taking to stop the spread.

One new way to ensure one’s safety is to wear two masks. But what exactly is the data behind this? At the inauguration, for example, people who attended were wearing two masks; typically a disposable mask with a cloth mask on top.

The new strains diverging from COVID-19 have proven to be considerably more contagious, yet the United States CDC standards surrounding face masks have not changed. The current standard is to wear a mask around people outside of your household as well as in public.

The CDC has not yet recommended wearing two face masks, but they do suggest wearing non-medical masks that have two to three layers as well as inner filter pockets.

Though the rules on mask-wearing have remained the same, with additional variants and constant changes, two masks could be the next suggestion.

Continue to follow the three W’s: Wear your face covering, Wash your hands, and watch your distance.

Gulino, Elizabeth. (2021, January 22). Do You Need To Wear Two Face Masks? Refinery 29.

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