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Executive Order to Protect Migrant Workers at a Standstill in NC

The coronavirus pandemic specifically targeted the Latino community immensely; especially towards immigrant employees in the agricultural workforce. 

A current executive order meant to protect migrant workers in agricultural labor is at a standstill after Governor Roy Cooper receives a halt from state officials. This pushback was originated from the Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture, which has ‘claimed to not be interested in enforcing these kinds of safety regulations.’, according to news deliver from the coalition.

N.C. Farmworker Advocacy Network denies these claims about the Department of Labor and Agriculture, stating that these reasons are neither “true or valid”. 

The executive order would’ve implemented change with strengthening social distance enforcements, motivated COVID-19 testing, as well as enhancing access to testing for migrant workers. 

Wall, Julia, (2020, September 10). After pushback, Cooper halts executive order to protect farm workers. News & Record.

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