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Daunte Wright's Family Speaks Out

By: Eris Lowdermilk

Police shot Daunte Wright on April 11 during a traffic stop. Wright’s family has since spoken out about their disappointment with holding the police responsible and accountable for their actions.

Wright was killed by police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. He was 20 years old. Katie Wright, Daunte’s mother, was on the phone with him while he was being pulled over because he wanted advice on how to communicate with a police officer.

The police said he pulled over Wright because of his air fresheners hanging on his review mirror, which is a violation of Minnesota law.

The officials say after the officers pulled Wright over, they found an outstanding warrant from misdemeanor charges along with attempted arrest. Wright had slipped free of the officer trying to handcuff him and was then shot by the second officer.

Kim Potter, the second officer, drew her handgun instead of her Taser on accident, resulting in Wright’s death.

Benjamin Crump, the leader of Geoge Floyd’s legal team will take on Daunte Wright’s case.

Sullivan, Becky. (2021, April 13). 'I Never Imagined This': Daunte Wright's Family Calls For Accountability. NPR.

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