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Changes to be Made at Next Presidential Debate from CPD

By: Eris Lowdermilk

After waves of criticism on the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept 29, the Commission of Presidential Debates announced the day after the debate that changes to be made. President Trump throughout the debate broke the rules numerous times by interrupting Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

The rules stated were that the candidates would receive two uninterrupted minutes to answer the questions given. Unfortunately, President Trump did not comply with this crucial rule. In fact, from the beginning, Trump was interrupting Biden on multiple occasions during his responses, and from then on the debate was quickly diminished. 

It is unclear exactly what kind of alterations the CPD will make, but a source close to the commission said one of them was pondering the ability to cut off one of the candidate’s microphone when mistakes are made within the debate rules and space. 

Until then, the next presidential debate will take place on October 15, 2020. 

Egan, Lauren. (2020, September 30). Debate commission promises changes after chaotic Trump-Biden faceoff. NBC News.


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