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Blue Ridge Energy to Expect An Addition Electric Car Charging Station

Climate change is an evident issue today. With the weather increasing in temperature every summer, natural disasters are more hazardous, there is no doubt things have changed over time.

Electric cars have become more popular as they are options to be more environmentally conscious. On App State’s campus, there are electric car charging stations in the parking lot of Legends and Hoey Residence Hall. 

In Boone, there is one near Cafe Portofino located on Rivers Street. Blue Ridge Energy is premiering another electric vehicle charging station at the Watauga District Office on 2491 US Highway 421 South. 

For Tesla owners, the Tesla charging station is on 2124 Blowing Rock Road. 

The electric car charging stations lower emissions and encourage more car buyers to consider going electric and make less an impact on the environment as climate change manifests into inevitable alterations society will eventually have to face. 

Whitener, Renee. (2020, August 28). Blue Ridge Energy Awarded Funding for Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Watauga Online.

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