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Biden Administration Reviews Student Loan Debt

By: Eris Lowdermilk

The Biden Administration is exploring the options with canceling student debt, which is one of Biden’s goals during his presidency.

On his first day in the oval office, Biden signed an executive order that extended the ongoing pause of federal loan payments from the previous administration.

But, recently the current administration has been looking into what they can do to cancel student debt as much as they can. Biden has stated he wants 0% interest on student loans and wants to ensure those who went to elite schools do not have the option to forgive their debt.

Many liberals want at least $50,000 of student loan debt to be forgiven, especially when college costs are rising.

Updates are to come

Santucci, Jeanine. (2021, April 4) Will Biden cancel student loan debt? As college costs spiral, here's what he's considering. USA Today.

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