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APP1800 With The Peel

By: Eris Lowdermilk

This week for APP1800, I spoke with Molly Thomas, the Editor-in-chief of The Peel Literature & Arts Review. We discussed everything there is to know about The Peel, submission dates, and how you can get involved!

The Initial Deadline for all submissions to The Peel is February 7th at midnight. And the Final Deadline is February 21st also at midnight. Submissions can be submitted to The Peel at thepeelreview.submittable.com/submit

The interview can be found in the audio link above.

To find out more about The Peel:

Website: thepeelreview.com

Instagram: thepeelreview

Facebook: The Peel Literature & Arts Review

To contact Molly, her email is thomasmk1@appstate.edu


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