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AM News Break 9/29/21

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

By: Pruett Norris

Beginning right here on campus, this week’s offering at the I. G. Greer cinema is the German-language documentary “Final Account.” According to reporting by the Rolling Stone, Final Account is the story of the last surviving generation of Germans who participated in Hitler’s Germany during the Second World War. The film, documented over the course of ten years, features dozens of interviews with Germans involved at varying degrees with the regime and provides an unflinching glimpse into the lasting brainwashing of Nazi-ism. Showtimes are at 7pm and 9:30, tickets are $2 at the door!

Next up, in local Boone news, an update from the Watauga Democrat about a story from earlier this month. The Cottages of Boone are still under fire for their discharge of over 4000 gallons of untreated sewage waste into the Laurel Fork Creek on September 14th, accruing a third civil penalty for the dump from the NC Department of Environmental Quality. Quoting Andy Hill, the Watauga Riverkeeper, “this is a pattern of negligence that is unacceptable.” The Cardinal Group, owners of the Cottages, declined to comment for the Democrat at the time of publication.

On the national level, NPR reports bad news for all our dolphin-swimmin’ lovin’ Mountaineers, as The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ruled that getting within 50 yards of a spinner dolphin, Hawaii’s most famous of the playful, nocturnal, previously companionable mammals, is illegal under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. This is a hit to the Hawaii tourism industry, where dolphin swimming is very popular, but fortunately for all of us here in Boone, the new guidelines don’t seem too rough of a loss.

Finally, our weather update, courtesy of Boone This weekend is looking like a return to slightly cooler weather on Friday, but highs will all be staying just above 70 degrees, with only mildly cloud cover to break up the weekend sunshine!

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