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AM News Break 9/15/21

By: Pruette Norris

Starting right here on campus, an update on this week’s showing at the I. G. Greer Cinema! The APPS will be screening this year’s newest entry in the Disney canon, “Raya and the Last Dragon,” September 16th through the 18th. The movie, starring the incredible voice talents of Awkafina and Kelly Marie Tran, is an exciting romp through the mythical land of Kumandra, where a young woman named Raya must take down enemies, monsters, and the power of friendship on her hunt for Kumandra’s only hope: Sisu, the Last Dragon. Showtimes are at 7pm and 9:30, tickets are $2 at the door!

On the bigger Boone side of things, in this week’s library news, the Watauga Democrat reports that the Watauga County Library will be hosting a multimedia book sale on Friday, September 17th and Saturday the 18th. The sale, running from 1-8pm on Friday and 10am-4pm this Saturday, will be a chance to stock up on books, DVDs, music, and audiobooks...most for only $1 a piece! That’s a great deal, and a great chance to support a bastion of our local community. I’ll hope to see you all there!

In national news, I bring some sad tidings. CNN reports that popular former-SNL star and comedian Norm MacDonald has passed away this week at the age of 61. MacDonald was a Weekend Update mainstay in the 1990s, and wrote for and starred in multiple comedy shows and specials in the decades since. He passed away after a private battle with cancer and has been eulogized by many of his comedy colleagues. Quoting a line from Jim Gaffigan’s, “Norm was punishingly funny.” May he rest in peace.

Finally, this week’s weather update! tells us that we may be expecting some weekend thunderstorms and cloudy weather, but our temperatures aren’t dropping yet: Highs are still in the mid-70s, lows are still just under 60!

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