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AM News Break 11/5/21

By: Elena Vegso

In state news, a new license plate featuring the native Venus Fly Trap has been proposed by The North Carolina Botanical Garden and Friends of Plant Conservation. The Watauga Democrat reports that 800 people have already prepaid for the license plate. The plate costs $30. $10 will be going to the NC department of Motor Vehicles, $12 to the NC Botanical Garden Foundation, and $8 to the Friends of Plant Conservation.

In National News, hundreds of QAnon supporters gathered around the location of JFK’s assassination in Dallas Texas, with the pretense that his son, John F. Kennedy Jr. would appear and announce that he will be Donald Trump’s 2024 vice president. John F. Kennedy Jr died in 1999, and the QAnon prophecy spread online did not come true. The Washington Post reports that the conspiracy was considered outlandish even among many of those within the QAnon community, but the large turnout to the event shows how widespread these conspiracies are.

In World News, the UN asserts that climate change is affecting earth faster than the world is adapting. The COP26 climate change summit is being held in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31st to November 12th. Unfortunately, nations worldwide are far from reaching their goal of limiting global temperatures to rise above 1.5 degrees celsius, and the world's 3 largest producers of Methane gas have not signed the pact to reduce methane by 30% by 2030. In good news over 100 countries have pledged to reverse the effects of deforestation by 2030. (BBC)

Today's weather is brought to you by Expect a high of 47 with a low of 27 with mostly sunny skies.


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