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AM News Break 11/11/21

By: Zachary Masters

In local news, The Hound Ear Club will receive a fine totaling around $46,000 after an employee died from falling off a roof back in May of this year. The Watauga Democrat reports that the North Carolina Department of Labor filed two separate citations. One for not ensuring every employee that was more than four-feet off the ground was “protected by one or more of the following: guardrail systems, safety net systems or personal fall protection systems." The other citation filed stated that The Hound Ear Club did not provide a proper personal fall protection system training. The Hound Ears club has up to 15 days to either pay the fines placed on them, appeal the citations or risk facing disciplinary action from the NCDOL.

In state news, a North Carolina State Judge has ordered 1.7 billion dollars to be taken from the state reserves and be sent to public education funds. Many GOP lawmakers have since called the order unlawful and named State Superior Court Judge David Lee, as a “rogue judge”. House Speaker Tim Moore stated the reasoning behind this was, “A judge does not have the legal or constitutional authority to order a withdrawal from the state’s General Fund.” According to The News and Observer, Judge Lee ruled on Wednesday that North Carolina public schools have failed to live up to the constitutional guarantee that students will receive an adequate education. The order is said to go into effect in the next 30 days, but GOP lawmakers are expected to fight the order and prevent it from going into effect.

In national news, The Associated Press reports that SpaceX completed a night launch flight Wednesday after astronauts were grounded for two weeks for medical and weather conflicts. The Falcon rocket was set to leave the Kennedy Space Center shortly after sunset and contained an international crew of one German and three U.S. pilots. It is expected that the flight will include a six-month stay where the space-goers will perform maintenance on the International Space Station. This makes it the the third crew that Space-X has sent into space in the past year and a half

Today’s weather comes to you from Tomorrow is expected to be a fairly warm day for November, as the high is expected to be 58 degrees with a low of 42 degrees. Be ready for some potential showers as we head into the afternoon and into the night.

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