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Afternoon News Update, 4/27/21

By Jackie Park

In campus news, students will be able to use their meal plan money in the bookstore for the second time this year. The Appalachian reported that from April 28 through May 12, students with meal plan money remaining can use the funds in the University Bookstore the same way they’d buy a meal at Central - with a swipe. The bookstore says it recognizes that the pandemic has changed the way students spend money on campus. So, they’re offering this deal. However, any money left after May 12 is nonrefundable.

In state news, the state of North Carolina is getting another seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because of its growth in population. WFAE reported that after the results of the U.S. Census were released, North Carolina came in at a 9.5% increase in population over the last ten years. So, the Tar Heel State is getting a 14th seat in Congress. North Carolina joins Florida, Texas, Colorado, Montana and Oregon, who also gained seats.

In national news, the CDC relaxed guidelines for mask-wearing for fully vaccinated people today. NPR reported that if you are fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask when running, biking, hiking, dining or spending time outdoors with other fully vaccinated people. Doctors emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated to reap the benefits, as it did not relax guidance for those who aren’t.

Now, here is your report. It’s a hot one today - 79 degrees and sunny.

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