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Afternoon News Update, 11/17/20

By Mickey Hutchings

In campus news, a college transfer program is opening doors for new Mountaineers. Aspire Appalachian is a co-admission program in which students who complete two years studying one of seven majors and meeting the 2 point 2 5GPA requirement can transfer from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute to App State. The president of CC and TI says that students are choosing to enroll at community college instead of four-year universities today because classes are cheaper and can be completed from the safety of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Locally, residents at the Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation Center gathered in remembrance of their fellow residents who died due to COVID-19. Glenbridge, which has 58 current residents, lost 13 individuals due to the virus. More than 40 individuals connected to the center contracted COVID-19, which led to a strict lockdown of the facility. The memorial service also celebrated those who had recovered from the virus as staff members led a parade outside the center and played music, paying a visit to each Glenbridge resident’s window.

In national news, President-elect Joe Biden is hitting the ground running to create a quote-unquote “climate administration.” Biden is already drafting orders that aim to reduce global warming and accumulating potential cabinet nominees who will ingrain his climate policy. An expected early-on executive order from the Biden administration is to require every federal agency to address climate change. Transition team members are working on identifying policies that can better pollution levels in Black and Latino communities.


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