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Afternoon News Update, 11/13/20

By Eris Lowdermilk

Christmas Tree Season has begun!! Local Christmas Tree Farms n the High Country have begun the Choose & Cut, as well as some, are offering pre-order and curbside pickup.

According to CNN, the United States faces more COVID-19 cases across all 50 states. So far, over 241,000 people have died from COVID. As of right now, the US has topped 10,000 plus new cases for the past nine days in a row. With the Holiday Season approaching, an estimated 110,000 more people will die from COVID-19.

ABC News says that Italian hospitals are still struggling with COVID-19 hospitalizations. As of Wednesday, November 11th, 52% of hospital beds in Italy were COVID patients. Italian doctors feel that the second wave is happening right now in their country, and the volume is wider rather than higher in terms of cases.

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