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Afternoon News Update, 11/11/20

By Sophia Lyons

In local news, an event intended to demonstrate community turned into an afternoon of debate. The Appalachian reports Black in Boone and Young Revolutionaries of Boone organized a post-election solidarity event on Sanford Mall Friday afternoon. Some time later, members of the Today is America group arrived on Sanford Mall carrying Trump 2020 flags. Members of the App State Police Department then led Black in Boone and Young Revolutionaries of Boone members to the Belk Library Circle to continue their event.

From around the state, North Carolina still has about 166,000 ballots not yet counted. NC Policy Watch says the remaining votes consist of provisional and mail-in ballots, which can be counted as long as they were postmarked by 5 p.m. Election Day and are received on or before November 12. The remaining ballots are unlikely to change the results of contests such as for the presidency, U.S. Congress, or governor’s office, but they could determine the results of races including the state Attorney General and Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court.

In national news, Tropical Storm Eta dropped over 13 inches of rain on some areas in South Florida. The New York Times reports the storm made landfall in November, which is a rarity at the tail end of the hurricane season. Because the rainy season has been so wet in Florida this year, nearly two higher than the usual rainfall average in some areas, the ground can’t absorb much water and widespread flooding has resulted. The storm is expected to continue over land for two or three more days before weakening.

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