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Afternoon News Update, 10/28/20

By Sophia Lyons

From around campus, the Green Appal program certifies students living on campus as committed to a more sustainable lifestyle. The Appalachian reports more than 350 students were certified during the 2019-20 school year. To become certified, students fill out a form from the Office of Sustainability evaluating their habits, such as food choice, energy usage, transportation methods and campus involvement. Then, the Office of Sustainability communicates with the hall’s eco-rep based on the hall’s needs.

In local news, Boone Town Council is considering passing legislation to ban food trucks from operating downtown, according to The Appalachian. The Downtown Boone Development Association sent a survey in February to downtown business owners gauging opinions on food trucks, and two of 69 responses were from food trucks. Some survey responses argued food trucks take customers from brick-and-mortar restaurants, have different expenses and take up parking. However, in the same survey food truck proponents argued they provide a quick meal and bring more visitors downtown.

From national headlines, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court Monday night. The New York Times reports the vote was 52 to 48 with all but one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, supporting her. This is the first time in over one hundred and fifty years a justice was confirmed without a supporting vote from a member of the minority party. Major election disputes concerning the last date absentee ballots can be accepted are on the docket, including a case involving North Carolina absentee ballots.

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