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9/27/22 PM News Break

By Jenna Guzman

In local news, App State’s ClimAct group is holding a rally and a march tomorrow, September 28th. According to a post they made on Instagram, the group will be “airing out App State’s dirty laundry” by talking about broken promises the university has made, the mission that ASU has “not lived up to” and also talking about alternative solutions that can be made. The rally starts at 11 A.M. tomorrow on Sanford Mall, immediately followed by the march at 1 P.M. ClimAct is a climate justice movement community organization.

In state news, the approaching Hurricane Ian is causing flight delays and cancellations. According to WBTV, Charlotte Douglas International Airport was already busy Monday, but could grow more busy as Hurricane Ian makes landfall later this week. Hurricane Ian is now a category 3 hurricane, and is expected to make landfall in Florida tomorrow, and to the Carolinas by Friday. According to WBTV, American Airlines has already canceled flights from Charlotte to Key West, Florida because of the storm's path.

In national news, NASA successfully crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid Monday night. According to NPR, this success is part of the project Double Asteroid Redirection Test, also known as DART. The purpose of this project was to see if NASA can navigate a spacecraft to hit a (possibly life-threatening) asteroid and deflect it off course. As shown in the results, the answer is yes.

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