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2/7/22 AM News Break

By: Zachary Masters

On campus, The Appalachian reports that one App State professor is taking a different approach to how we can create clean energy. Christian Wallen, an associate chemistry professor here at Appalachian State, spent around 3 years studying the possibility to create energy by combining ammonium and oxygen with the only byproduct being water and nitrogen. His findings were submitted to the highly rated chemistry journal, Nature Chemistry, and anticipates having a full fuel cell test by the end of the spring semester.

In local news, documentary enthusiasts in the High-Country are looking forward to showing off their latest productions. The Watauga Democrat reports that the Boone Docs Film Festival, a series of screenings highlighting the beauty and community of Appalachia, will feature 11 short films ranging from 4 to 24 minutes and will be hosted by several App State Faculty. The festival is set to take place from 4 to 7 PM on February 24th in Anne Belk Room 114, with parking and admissions being free of charge.

In national news, NPR reports that Wisconsin activists are tackling the growing housing crisis with the help of tiny houses. Occupy Madison, a spinoff of the movement that aims to eliminate income inequality, is now trying to create different communities made up of small, single room housing units that give affordable places to live and paths to becoming a homeowner. Communities like these are becoming more and more common in the US, with organizations like Occupy Madison being found in California, Indiana, Missouri and Oregon.

Today's weather is brought to you from Today, expect a high of 43 degrees with a low of 23 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Winds are expected to reach anywhere from 5-15 miles per hour, with winds picking up as we head into the evening.

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