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2/3/22 AM News Break

By: Tommy Savoia

According to The Appalachian, property owners of local Italian restaurant Café Portofino are looking to demolish the building after it was closed on January 11th of this year. The reasoning behind this decision is to address the issue of the fifty-foot creek that runs under the property and is responsible for the high water levels of the Boone Creek. They aim to remove a considerable amount of debris in the Creek and eventually “redevelop” the land for future financial enterprises.

Locally, The Watauga Democrat reports that Boone is deliberating on the decision to “consolidate all 911 calls” with Watauga County. The argument is on the grounds that both areas conduct emergency call business simultaneously, prompting the suggestion of one central building for both operations working as one. This discussion comes after Boone’s recent acquisition of the Bolick Farm property for Emergency Communications purposes. The Town of Boone is confident in this decision and hopes that Watauga County will agree to move forward with them.

Washington’s NFL team has revealed its new name after it eliminated the use of its previous name The Redskins. From now on, the team will be known as The Washington Commanders. According to The Wall Street Journal, this is in response to the large amount of negative feedback the team received in the last few years due to the former name’s status as a racially insensitive description of Native Americans. Amid other controversies in the state’s NFL team, the name was dropped after players and community members showed unwavering support for a more appropriate name - a dispute that has been ongoing for years. Now, this particular issue can be put to rest as other investigations into the team’s “workplace misconduct” continue.

Today’s weather is brought to us by This Thursday morning you can expect plenty of clouds and fog, with a short break of sunlight followed by rain in the evening. Be ready for a high of 52 and and a low of 45 degrees.

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