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2/23/22 PM News Break

By: Stephen Leverton

In local news, The Appalachian reports that the SGA senate, the faculty senate, and the staff senate held a town hall meeting on Sunday, February 20th to discuss university issues. The panel discussed diversity and inclusion, finances, sustainability, and housing/town-gown relations. The panel also took questions from the audience about the issues at hand.

In state news, The Washington Post reports that Google has decided to cut wages to its North Carolina offices . As a result of these wage cuts, employees have decided to protest. Google decided to cut wages in order to increase diversity among employees, which some new employees view as hypocritical. Some workers also see it as a Southern issue since labor is cheaper in the South when compared to other parts of the country.

In national news, CNBC reports that new Covid variant cases have plummeted 90% when compared to the pandemic high 5 weeks ago. The US is now reporting 84,000 new cases a day when compared to the over 800,000 daily cases on January 15th. As the number of new cases decrease, states across the country are starting to disband their mask mandates.

Your Boone weather is brought to you by Boone weather dot com. Wednesday’s weather is partially cloudy with some scattered rain. Warm day today as the high reaches 61 degrees and the low down to the lower 40s.

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