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2/22/22 PM News Break

By: Zachary Masters

In on-campus news, The Appalachian reports that Appalachian State’s Student Government Association released their first midterm report outlining what they have accomplished so far and what they still want to achieve during the current term. Some of the achievements stated in the report talk about the increase of administration accountability through protest organization with climACT, increasing access for mental health services to students, and increased community engagement. SGA Treasurer Ariela Allen hopes to release a financial literacy PowerPoint explaining the budgeting of the university before spring break begins.

In state news, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson spoke on his frustrations with the behavior of North Carolina’s public school student body. Robinson cited poor discipline in the classroom, an increase in social theories and politics being taught, as well as a lack of funding for social programs and law enforcement as reasons for the “...chaos” in schools. The Raleigh News and Observer reports that Robinson’s proposals had a generally favorable reception from lawmakers. However, his presentation did draw some criticism from State Board of Education member James Ford, as he believes more context and information should be presented regarding the crime statistics used.

In world news, questions on how to deal with the increasing human activity in Antarctica have risen after a report on the effects of tourism and research activity in the region was released. NPR reports that increasing human traffic on the southernmost continent has caused an increase in soot accumulation, which has sped up snowpack melting by another inch. Researchers and tourists are now looking for ways to limit the environmental impacts, with some suggestions including limiting the number of visitors per year as well as using only electric vehicles in the area.

Today's weather comes to you from Today expect a high of 57 and a low of 50 degrees with winds ranging from 5-15 miles per hour. Showers are expected throughout the day so don’t forget those umbrellas!

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