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11/29/2022 PM News Break

By Jenna Guzman

In local news, the three candidates running for local positions and who were in the lead are still leading after a voting recount. According to the Watauga Democrat, a recount was conducted Monday and lasted 11 hours. Matt Snyder, the Watauga County director of elections, told the Watauga Democrat that only 13 votes changed out of nearly 22,931 ballots cast. The NC State Board of Elections will meet today to certify the final results.

In state news, the Charlotte City Council has approved an additional $20 million to fund existing affordable housing projects. According to WBTV, this money will go to funding eight projects that were already underway. These projects need additional funding due to increasing construction and interest costs. According to WBTV, the affordable housing projects will bring over 600 new housing units.

In national news, the word “gaslight” has been chosen as the 2022 Merriam-Webster word of the year. According to the Associated Press, the word was looked-up on 1,740% more in 2022 than it did the previous year. The word gaslight in simple terms means: “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for a personal advantage

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Today's weather is courtesy of Today is a cloudy day with some rain predicted for tonight. Today’s high is 49 degrees and today’s low is 42.


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