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11/10/2022 AM News Break

By Reagan Wall

In local news, Watauga students have shown an increased proficiency in both math and reading since 2019 while the rest of NC is falling behind. A report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that NC schools have reached the lowest scores in math and reading since the 1990s thanks to the pandemic. According to the Watauga Democrat The school uses the data to determine where students are struggling, if students are doing well, where teachers seem to be strong, where teachers seem to need improvement and where students are growing and not growing.

In state news, Republicans have taken back the NC supreme court but Democrats appeared successful by preserving Roy Cooper’s veto power to block bills on Republican issues. According to WRAL News, Republicans were predicted to win 30 of the 50 Senate seats needed to gain control but fell short in the House seats with only 71 of the 120 seats- one short of the veto-proof margin. This means Republican leaders won’t be able to override any of Cooper’s vetoes in his remaining two years in office.

In national news, several republican candidates who questioned the results of the 2020 election have now lost their bid for reelection. According to NBC News, election deniers ran in Senate and House races, as well for statewide offices that have a great influence over elections, such as governor, secretary of state and attorney general.The Election deniers have lost their races for governor in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; the Senate in New Hampshire; and secretary of state in Michigan, Minnesota and New Mexico.

Todays weather is brought to you by Today will be a lot like yesterday with a high of 55 and a low of 53. Partly cloudy with a chance of light rain later in the afternoon.

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