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11/09/2022 AM News Break

By Holly Hodges

Early in November, local community leaders held a three-hour meeting to create an action plan to allocate the Opiate Settlement Fund to afflicted individuals. According to reports from the Watauga Democrat, the fund, which was finalized back in February, is part of a $26 billion agreement that aims to provide relief in communities affected by the crisis. Watauga County received $3 million of North Carolina’s $750 million fund. The money will be used to support treatment and recovery efforts such as harm reduction.

In North Carolina news, an 80-foot red spruce tree from the Pisgah National Forest has been chosen to be displayed in front of the U.S. Capitol. According to WBTV, “Ruby” will be joined by 84 other trees as part of the display at the Capitol and joint base Andrews. Larry Smith was present for Ruby’s sendoff and hopes that Ruby can bring the holiday spirit to the nation adding “I’m hoping Ruby can bring a little unity.” The tree will begin a tour of the state before heading up north to D.C. Dozens of people gathered around the truck loaded up with Ruby to take pictures and even sign the vehicle. This will mark 100 years that North Carolina trees have traveled up to the capitol. The annual tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for November 29.

In national news, Colgate University is returning a collection of 1,500 culturally significant items which were buried with remains back to the Oneida Indian Nation. According to the Associated Press, the funerary objects were purchased in 1959 from an archaeologist who had collected them from upstate New York. In an interview, Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter said “it’s making things right again. It’s correcting a wrong.” The repatriation ceremony will be held at Colgate University today. Colgate President Brian W. Casey said the return is a step in the right direction adding “This is important work, and it will continue until we are confident that all sacred items that can be traced back to their rightful owners are returned.” Nationwide, roughly 870,000 Native American artifacts, including human remains, are still in the possession of universities, museums, and other institutions.

Today’s weather is brought to by Ray’s Weather Center at Today’s going to be mostly sunny with more clouds heading in later in the day. It’s going to be slightly cooler today. The high is 54 degrees and the low is 37.

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